Meet Holly


To understand where this journey began for me, let's take it back to 2004. At the time I was working in a doctors office as a file clerk for a very busy primary care physician. I was amazed by how many prescription refill request I would receive. The pharmaceutical companies would buy us lunch every day. So much so that we were booked up three months in advance, so we started having them come for breakfast too. They would feed four doctors and their complete staff catered meals to try to get a few minutes with the doctors and to drop off more samples, promotional items and gifts. 

In fact I started taking prescriptions for anxiety and then started having side effects and was given more drugs for those. I remember one day I got a refill request for more massage sessions. That was the magical moment I became aware of the medical benefits of massage. I was instantly interested and for the first time I knew that I wanted to be on the other side of the situation. The prevention side.  I wanted to help people to catch things early and avoid getting into the situation where they have to take so many pills in the first place. 

I started looking into different schools and with in six months I was a full time student. I never questioned it. I knew I had found my calling. It took a while to responsibly get myself off pills but I did. Modern medicine is great at treating disease and saving lives but I want to work in a natural way to help maintain health.  My focus is to help the person with mild anxiety or other stress related issues avoid having to take prescription drugs unnecessarily like I did and help that person with chronic pain or discomfort feel more comfortable in their own body.  I feel good knowing that I am improving the health and quality of life for each and everyone of my clients. 

 For me it really is about making a difference and I think this shows in the quality of service I provide.  

 Being an independent therapist means I make my own schedule and have more time for self-care and continuing education so Iā€™m able to take breaks and vacations as needed to insure Iā€™m healthy, happy and able to provide the best services possible.


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Monthly Maintenance Program

Getting a massage on birthdays and special occasions is a nice way to celebrate but when you make the commitment to receiving massage on a schedule you start to see more lasting results. It's my goal to see clients on a monthly basis. Some clients show up with more serious issues and need to be seen more often at first. I take $10 off of regular priced sessions and gift cards if you are coming in at least once each month. 

No Contract or bank draft needed.